Researcher - Ngeow Chow Bing 饶兆斌

Senior Lecturer, Institute of China Studies, UM

B. A. (Arts), St. Cloud State University, Minnesota

M. A. (Arts), Northeasten University, Boston, Mass

Ph. D. (International Affairs), Northeasten University, Boston, Mass 


Tel No.: 03-79565663

Ngeow Chow Bing received his BA in International Relations from St. Cloud State University, and his MA in Political Science and PhD in Public and International Affairs from Northeastern University. His research interests include Chinese politics, Malaysian politics and the history of political science. He has published several articles in scholarly journals and presented papers in international conferences. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of China Studies, University of Malaya.


Select Publications

NGEOW, Chow Bing. 2014 “Discourses on Chinese-Style Democracy in China.” Accepted andforthcoming in China: An International Journal 

NGEOW, Chow Bing. 2013. “China-EU Relations: International Order, Bilateral Relations, and Global Governance.” Accepted and forthcoming in Fudan Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities.

NGEOW, Chow Bing. 2012. “Civil Society with Chinese Characteristics? An Examination of China’s Urban Homeowners’ Committees and Movements.”Problems of Post-Communism 59:6, 50-63. 

NGEOW, Chow Bing. 2012. “The Residents’ Committee in China’s Political System: Democracy, Stability, Mobilization.” Issues and Studies 48:2, 71-126. 

NGEOW, Chow Bing. 2011. “Community Party Building in Urban China.” International Journal of China Studies 2:2, 213-240. 

NGEOW, Chow Bing. 2010. “Strategic Ambiguity and Differentiation: Ethnic and Civic Nationalist Discourses in Taiwan from 1945 to 1990s.” Ethnopolitics 9:2, 151-170. 

NGEOW, Chow Bing. 2007 “Conceptualizing Intellectual-State Relations in China: With a Focus on Contemporary Era.” Issues and Studies 43:2,175-216.