Researcher - Fan Pik Wah 潘碧华

Senior Lecturer, Chinese Studies Department, UM

B. A. (Hons), University of Malaya (UM)

M. A., University of Malaya (UM)

Ph. D, Peking University, China 


Tel No.: 03-79675641

Dr Fan Pik Wah, was born in the state of Kedah in Malaysia. Her ancestral home is Zhaoqing (a district of the province of Guangdong, China), making her a member of the Hakka dialect group. However the early stages' of her education took place in Chinese schools in Malaysia. After graduating from the University of Malaya with Bachelor (B.A.) and Master of Arts degrees (M.A.) in Chinese Studies, she furthered her academic pursuits at Peking University, China, where she completed her PhD Chinese Classical Literature. Currently, she works as a senior lecturer in the Department of Chinese Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Science in the University of Malaya. Her research areas include classical Chinese literature, and Malaysian Chinese literature and culture. She has contributed many articles to local news papers as well as academic papers on Chinese Shici, Malaysian Chinese literature and Malaysian Chinese in local cultural and society.