Researcher - Diana Wong Ing Boh

Associate Fellow, MCRC

Diana Wong obtained her first degree in sociology from the University of Singapore (1974) and her PhD from the University of Bielefeld (1984). Siversithe has held academic positions at the 

Uny of Bielefeld (1980 – 1985) and the University of Nuremberg-Erlangen (1985 – 1992), in Germany, and was Deputy Director at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore (1995 – 1998). In Malaysia, she was Associate Professor at the National University of Malaysia (1999 – 2005) and Visiting Professor at Universiti Sains Malaysia (2010 – 2012). She also served as Project Coordinator of the New York-based Social Science Research Council project on “The Religious Lives of Immigrant Communities” (2006 – 2009). Recent publications include several papers on migration as well as on collective war memory. Her current research interests are in the area of international migration and religion.




Book (Single Authorship) 
1. 1987 Wong, Diana 
Peasants in the Making. Malaysia's Green Revolution, Singapore:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. 
2. 2000a Wong, Diana 
From Exile to Diaspora. Asylum in a German City. (Vom Exil zur  Diaspora. Asyl in einer deutschen Stadt) Nuernberg : Schriftreihe des Sozialwissenschaftlichen Forschungszentrum, Universitaet Erlangen- Nuernberg, Heft 6. 

Book (Editor of volume) 
3. 2000b P. Lim Pui Huen and Diana Wong 
War and Memory in Malaysia and Singapore, Singapore: Institute of  Southeast Asian Studies. 
4. 2016 Rashidah Shuib, Noraida Endut and Diana Wong   Gender Justice in Asia, Penang: Universiti Sains Malaysia Press. Articles in Edited Volumes 
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6. 1990 Wong, Diana 
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8. 1992a Wong, Diana 
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Diskurs. Am Beispiel der Asylzuwanderung nach Deutschland), in Matthes, J (ed), Zwischen den Kulturen, Sonderband 8 der Sozialen 
Welt, Goettingen: Otto Schwartz, pg 405 - 419.
9. 1996a Wong, Diana 
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12. 2001a Wong, Diana 
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18. 2004c Wong, Diana
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19. 2005a Wong, Diana 
“The Rumor of Trafficking: Border Controls, Illegal Migraion, and the Sovereignty of the Nation-State”, in Willem van Schendel and Itty  Abraham (eds) Illicit Flows and Criminal Things, States, Borders and  the Other Side of Globalization, Indiana University Press, pg 60 – 100. 
20. 2005b Wong, Diana 
“The rumour of trafficking and the management of migration studies”, in Toshio Iyotani and Masako Ishii (eds) JCAS Symposium series 22: Motion in Place/ Place in Motion, 21st Century Migration, Osaka: The  Japan Center for Area Studies National Museum of Ethnology, pg 119- 131. 
21. 2006a Wong, Diana 
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27. 2016 Wong, Diana 
“Changing Fate and Finding Voice: Female Return Migration and Empowerment in two Indonesian Villages”, in Rashidah Shuib,  Noraidah Endut and Diana Wong (eds) Gender Justice in Asia, Penang:  Universiti Sains Malaysia Press, pg 167-182. 

Articles in Journals 
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49. 2015 Wong, Diana
We are Believers”: Contemporary Hui mobility in transnational Islamic  space – a Malaysian case-study, in Chinese Southern Diaspora Studies,  7: 88-108.