The University of Malaya Malaysian Chinese Research Centre (MCRC) was originally founded as a research group in May 2011 under the aegis of the Humanities and Ethics Research Cluster. In March 2013, the group’s status was elevated to that of a Research Centre in order to bring like-minded people from different academic disciplines to collaborate on topics relating to the Chinese community in Malaysia. The Centre’s members are pooled from the faculties of Arts and Social Sciences(Department of History and Chinese Studies), Language and Linguistics, Economics, Science and Technology, Medicine, Education, Urban Planning and the Institute of China Studies.

The Centre aims to encourage sharing of ideas from different fields of knowledge across these disciplines through the execution of research projects relating to the Chinese community in Malaysia.

To date, teams of scholars are working on topics such as the shaping of Chinese identity; Chinese diaspora and migration to Southeast Asia; dialect groups studies; Chinese and the state; the Chinese community and issues pertaining to science & technology and health; Chinese business and Chinese biography.

Through its research projects, the Centre also invites external collaborators from both local and international arena. Through these partnerships, it is hoped that new insights and approaches may be gleaned, leading to production of findings to be published in high-impact publications.

Apart from establishing scholars, the Centre also appoints Post-doctoral Research Fellows to work in research projects under the Centre. The Centre also hosts an active group of postgraduate students who work on the Chinese community in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

As a way of engaging the public and the larger Malaysian community, the Centre runs an active seminar programme. Examples of events include conferences and workshops which address various important issues on the Chinese in Malaysia. The Centre also works with partner-institutions from abroad as well as local Chinese organizations and researchers.




Last updated: 18 July 2017